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Welcome to my kingdom of yet undecided content. I'm not sure if this will end up being just my scrapbook or if I really have the time to write lengthy meta-text or if this will stay pretty much empty and uninteresting. Anyway, this post is not about the journal itself but the the mighty interesting me - or if you prefer a shorter title: either Theo or Tupsu is just fine.

I don't really have a plan how to make this introduction sound like me. I mean, I'm pretty normal, but I'm not boring. I like to babble and ramble (and therefore everything will end up lengthy) and I like to write (see the previous) and the name I choose for my lj is not just random letters put after one another - I like to hear theories and make up some myself. Oh, and I like reading: books as well as fanfiction.

I tell stories all the time. And, yeah, I kinda like to lie. I Lie all the time without even noticing, okay exaggerate. Nothing grand or dangerous. It's just that I tell stories when one expects me being serious. I mean no harm so don't get offended - and please don't feel like I shouldn't be trusted. When I say I'm a woman and a nerd, I am a woman addicted to games, certain type of comics (Sandman, Hellboy) but know nada about coding or computers besides the basic basic programing. Someday I will though. Silly me dreams of working with game design someday.

Okay, what more could there be to me? A sad case of a fangirl who'll drool after everything dysfunctional after she's done her best to turn it fluffy, that's me put in a single sentence. My favourite hobbies include trying to fix pairings that can't be fixed - I'm a masocist like that - and making fictional characters suffer.

Roxas/Axel is what I use my days with nowadays - go check my dA - but I enjoy some H/D too, am a fan of Loveless (the main pair is love - painful kind) and one of my healthiest ships is Remus/Sirius. Shortly put:  I'm one to cling to few things and never let go. These pairings have been with me for years now and even if I've tried to find something new, I've failed.

Since I ran out of things to say this time, I'll continue this in a later post. Maybe. But to those who don't know me and pass by, I'm not the most outgoing person, but if somebody says hi I'll reply. Just a warning: I like talking.


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