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So, [ profile] _che_shire_cat_ recced a book called Mind Fuck (by Manna Francis) and I kinda liked it. (THANK YOU) Liked it so much that I read the whole series (that's available legally online!) and ordered them in paperback form just the other night. Liked them so, so very much that I felt like writing a rec-post of my own. I want to write fic and draw fanart and I'm way too in love!

I usually like the most fucked up fictional relationships. There's friction, there's drama, there's despair and things just can't end with people getting buthered with happily ever after. That said, I'm a fluff-junkie. It's what makes me squirm ang giggle. And I think these two things (shipping stuff that can't be healthy and loving the small moments of cuddling and smiling and d'aaaws) go together perfectly. There's always the small moment of maybe. Maybe things will work out after all and everyone can be happy. Maybe there's still today to be all lovesick and puppylike even if the world ends tomorrow.

The Administration-series is every possible thing I could hope for. It's perfect. Words I never thought I'd use.

Anyway, now that all that poetry is out of the way: REC-TIME.

Mind Fuck is the first book of the Administration-series. You can go read it's official summary (and the whole series!) from the site I just linked.
The first book is the story of Toreth, a para-investigator (read: detective and torturer) that is really good at what he does. Toreth... isn't a nice person, but there's something so wrong about him that you can't help but sympathize with him. (It's not the usual "bad boy"-syndrome. I swear! He's very rational about what he does. His 9-to-5 job is torturing. His hobbies include playing mind games and fucking around)

And then there's Warrick. Who messes up with Toreth's mind better than anyone should. And you have to love him for it. Oh, and his job is to create virtual realities in a machine they call the Sim.

There's also sex with a layer of BDSM that reads like someone knows what they are writing about (BDSM written right! It's true!). And all of this is built into the plot and not just plastered on it. I was lured into reading by the promise of well written slash and stayed for the world and the characters (and their fucked up relationship.).

The rest of the series is just as good (or even better!) as the first book. For two weeks I hurried home every night to read more, reading more than once long past midnight because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. And I don't think I was disappointed even once.

Only complaint I have is that there's not enough people who know about this series and the fandom seems to be small and dying D: Go and read it. NOW.

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I've been meaning to write something thoughtful for a while now. Don't really know if this counts since this is a strange hybrid of a reclist and analysis and rambling (and it's 3 am - again), but this topic seemed like a good idea since I've got something to say for a change.

Podfics, and why I'm in love )

Sorry about the typos - I'll be proofreading this in the morning.


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