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Listening exam tomorrow and I decide that going through the f!s friending meme ist the bestest (sic) idea ever. Sounds like me? Yep.
Nah, if I get even one new friend tonight, it's all worth it. School is over in a few silly days anyway.

Which leads to the next topic - I've been neglecting my poor lj since Nano. I never squeed about Christmas. Never posted photos of my naked snow-lady. Never even mentioned the awsomeness that is AC: Brotherhood. Or KH re:Coded. Or Wow. Or Locoroco that shouldn't have stolen two weeks from me with it's silly grafics and annoyingly happy soundtrack.

And memo to self, time to put a rec-list together. Or start using delicious.

I'll come back to all of that when it's not 2.10 in the morning.
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The hard drive chrashed. All the info I had stored on it during our four years together - gone. And there I sat - not crying, not feeling that emotional really - staring at a black screen. It happened suddenly, there was no warning, there was three days of not knowing if this was permanent, if my laptop wouldn't wake up ever again - and then, well, then came the verdict. Hard drive gone, info gone, the machine itself was probably fine after some poking.

I survived a week without too much contact to a computer - and it might come as a surprise, I've done it before. All voluntary then. Not that hooked with the internets yet. What was hard was realising slowly what was gone. A really depressing week, every day thinking about stuff that was just a click away - and realising it was just a new part of my life that had been related to/ part of a computer and wasn't coming back. I have a really strange need to store memories. Store them on my computer in form of quotes, links, random scrap.

I had troubles letting go of my phone - losing some texts stored in there weighed more than changing to a newer model. It felt stupid, the change was made, and it felt stupid still. Doesn't change the fact that I like my little keepsakes of old conversations - not to an obsessive level, I can let go of stuff,  but I like to store as much as possible - and the silliest things that went with the hard drive made me sad now. I had stored copies of the important things, fics and ficlets, pics, but nano-winner-badges, best parts of age old msn-conversations, quotes, links to silly things, all gone forever (expect the nano-badges).

I don't get myself sometimes. What point is there in missing something you never looked twice, but just knew was there somewhere (until it wasn't)?


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