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2020-07-10 04:44 pm

Uhm.. hi

I'm really bad at this thing called online presence. I write fic, I read fic, hey, I even comment on fic from time to time. I dream of taking part in bigbangs and the like... and usually do not. ANYWAY, if someone stumbles here (from my AO3/ profile) feel EXTREMELY WELCOMED and say hi? Or something like that.
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2015-02-15 09:57 pm
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Jupiter Ascending was just as awesome as expected

I'm known to be a film snob, but I do have a weak spot for films that make me happy, plain and simple. And oh man, did Jupiter Ascending work for me. I went looking for simple wishfulment, I couldn't stop laughing as (fanficcy) trophes kept adding up and I left the theatre feeling happy and content. I do recomend it! Just don't... stop to think too much.

In other words, I should maybe move to tumblr and post there? I dunno. Just don't feel like doing this social media thing all thar much anymore.
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2015-01-01 07:11 pm
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I'm just one more of the barely there people. Still alive though.

I haven't posted much recently. I still haven't found it in me to get myself more active online. I've been busy IRL though, working on one bigger fic (I finally gave in and wrote a guilty pleasure Harry/Draco) and I'm hammering my way through the second draft of my historical fantasy novel. I'm not making any new years promises to get more active: This update is mostly because I went through my online profiles and did some cleaning up/purging and felt like stopping by here as well.
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2013-10-28 12:31 am
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EDP - Sequel?

Something straaange happened. A plotbunny came from nowhere and threw me to the wall, forced my hand and made me write an outline for a sequel for EDP. Nepece was being the worst kind of enabler and didn't say no. She should've said no. This sequel is getting out of hand, but I love it so much already.

I don't like to make promises, but... a sequel. Maybe. It will probably take a year to write (as it did with EDP), but there is a possibility of a sequel.

Nepece should've said no.
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2013-09-30 09:18 pm
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KH Big bang - Cold Water - Art

It's been an honour and absolute delight to work with Nikki and her fic, Cold Water. These images are sorted by the order they 'appear' in and every image is a link to a bigger version of it at dA. Picture 2 and Picture 3 have alternative versions of them at dA as well. If you like these, please feel free to drop a line here, or at dA :)
And yes, I know, almost all of these images are from chapter 1. The other chapters would've deserved pictures, but I never got so far! There were simply too many moments that inspired me right at the beginning.
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2013-09-25 12:56 am
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Every Day Play

This is shameless marketing. I write a fic. It's called Every Day Play. It starts slow, it continues rather slow, and it's kinda cute and kinda funny when you get into it. Simply put: I and my cowriter (Lovely Nepece) wanted to take the tropes we like and slowly boil them together. The keywords here are slice of life, character study, intricate (slow moving) plot and carefully built relationship. Expect no 'love at first sight' here.

If you're picky about fandom and characters (like the most of us are) its Kingdom Hearts, Axel and Roxas, and rated T (because anyting rated higher will have to appear here. If I'll ever write something. I might be tempted, you never know) and AU (funnier if you know canon, but canon knowledge not necessary)
Now to the real content. I have been proofreading EDP tonight, and yesterday, and even the day after that. It's a work of love, and horrifyingly enough, soon five years old. That said, I'm glad that it's almost over now. Right now we're at chapter 18 out of 21. Every single chapter has been written, there is an ending, and I am just applying finishing touches. Or... Well... these finishing touches have now taken over three years. The fic has not been the priority all the time, so to say.

I'm feeling a bit sad. Yesterday, I wrote a new scene to make on point clearer and that was the first time in four years I've written anythinh new. Now I want to write more in this universe, but I can't. Not really. The story has been told, and finished with a nice bow by chapter 21. That feels kinda awesome, and so very sad.

This is my first fic. I came into fic writing from original fiction. Travelled a road less taken. I haven't put writing original stuff aside for a moment, could never do that, but there's something magical to fic. I guess it's the community and the fact that you know you will find readers (if you write for a popular ship which I do). It's not like I'm swimming in praise, but the few words here and there are nice. Really nice.
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2013-08-28 10:45 pm
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Pacific rim

Unnnf. Went to see Pacific rim. It was awesome. That is all.

(I wish it does make enough money for a sequel. I want   need more)

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2013-08-25 05:13 pm
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Writerly feelings

I'm working on my camp nano (and avoiding the writing part right now). The nano started as a rewrite of a story that I wrote ages ago and has evolved into something I really, really like. My favourite thing about it? I have actually managed to make an interesting main character. His name is Nasir, he's determined to the point of excluding himself from his peers and borderline anti-hero with his ignorance of issues that are not directly related to him.

I don't even know where to start with this sprawling epic. At the moment it's 100k long, and I'll definitely try to keep it under 120k. There's stuff that needs to be trimmed away. It's my kind of fantasy: pseudohistorical take on the early mechanisation of the wars AKA people are starting to move the weight of the army to guns. It's partly a mystery, partly a love story, and mostly a story about growing up.

A lot more about the story under the cut )

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2013-07-10 01:23 pm

Hello dreamwidth.

Short and to the point: It took me over a year, but now I've moved by journal over from LJ and plan to stick to dreamwidth. It might take me another year before I fully settle here/can be bothered to make friends/get active again, but the first step has now been taken. So, hello to those who accidentally stumble upon my journal.

This is the first post that's been made dreamwidth in mind - the rest are imports and any comments and conversations are now gone. I dunno, didn't feel right to move them away from LJ without asking people first. Lol, as if there'd been that many comments anyway.
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2011-09-11 12:26 pm

Time to fangirl!

So, [ profile] _che_shire_cat_ recced a book called Mind Fuck (by Manna Francis) and I kinda liked it. (THANK YOU) Liked it so much that I read the whole series (that's available legally online!) and ordered them in paperback form just the other night. Liked them so, so very much that I felt like writing a rec-post of my own. I want to write fic and draw fanart and I'm way too in love!

I usually like the most fucked up fictional relationships. There's friction, there's drama, there's despair and things just can't end with people getting buthered with happily ever after. That said, I'm a fluff-junkie. It's what makes me squirm ang giggle. And I think these two things (shipping stuff that can't be healthy and loving the small moments of cuddling and smiling and d'aaaws) go together perfectly. There's always the small moment of maybe. Maybe things will work out after all and everyone can be happy. Maybe there's still today to be all lovesick and puppylike even if the world ends tomorrow.

The Administration-series is every possible thing I could hope for. It's perfect. Words I never thought I'd use.

Anyway, now that all that poetry is out of the way: REC-TIME.

Mind Fuck is the first book of the Administration-series. You can go read it's official summary (and the whole series!) from the site I just linked.
The first book is the story of Toreth, a para-investigator (read: detective and torturer) that is really good at what he does. Toreth... isn't a nice person, but there's something so wrong about him that you can't help but sympathize with him. (It's not the usual "bad boy"-syndrome. I swear! He's very rational about what he does. His 9-to-5 job is torturing. His hobbies include playing mind games and fucking around)

And then there's Warrick. Who messes up with Toreth's mind better than anyone should. And you have to love him for it. Oh, and his job is to create virtual realities in a machine they call the Sim.

There's also sex with a layer of BDSM that reads like someone knows what they are writing about (BDSM written right! It's true!). And all of this is built into the plot and not just plastered on it. I was lured into reading by the promise of well written slash and stayed for the world and the characters (and their fucked up relationship.).

The rest of the series is just as good (or even better!) as the first book. For two weeks I hurried home every night to read more, reading more than once long past midnight because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. And I don't think I was disappointed even once.

Only complaint I have is that there's not enough people who know about this series and the fandom seems to be small and dying D: Go and read it. NOW.

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2011-07-30 08:10 pm

Guilty pleasures

It's been a while since I last posted. And it's been even longer since I've posted something fandom related.

I feel almost guilty admitting this, but I absolutely adore The Vampire Chronicles. I've been in love for long time - they were the books that forced (among many other fannish things) me to learn english. Oh yeah. There are better places to learn one's english from (vocabulary they teach is somewhat.. flowery), but nothing's going to take the awesomeness that Anne Rice was for 12-13 year old me away.
Cue fangirlism: )
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2011-06-20 03:12 am

About obsessions - Podfic

I've been meaning to write something thoughtful for a while now. Don't really know if this counts since this is a strange hybrid of a reclist and analysis and rambling (and it's 3 am - again), but this topic seemed like a good idea since I've got something to say for a change.

Podfics, and why I'm in love )

Sorry about the typos - I'll be proofreading this in the morning.
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2011-05-22 12:23 pm
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(no subject)

Friendship!fic with Harry and Draco, does it exist? If so, I need recs.

I was listening to a shippy H/D podfic last night - and not all that unusual - loved the friendship!stage and rolled my eyes when shipping started to happen. I fear I've grown out of my nostalgia!love for the ship D:
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2011-05-01 03:55 am

a tiny post about life

It's almost spring over here. I always forget how happy spring makes me. I thought I'd share some of this happiness :D

I don’t know why, but tonight I’m feeling hopeful. Maybe it’s the spring and the night-air that isn’t freezing cold. Maybe it's the fact that school's over. I'm leaning towards the weather. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not warm out there – I got home some hours ago from walking my dog and I kept shivering like crazy. I left my winter-coat in the closet, took with me a coat that still smells like summer, sunscreen, sand... Summer can't be here soon enough.

I like walking through the city when it’s after midnight. People are so happy! I'm not a crazy drinker - I just haven't found a reason to drink, I've having just as fun as everyone else even if I'm still sober - but I like it when people have had a little to drink. They are more... outgoing. It's a stereotype, but Finns really need some help to get out of their boring shells.

Anyway, my dog is a big eared, silly looking corgi and he makes everyone smile like crazy when we make our late night round. Me included :)

Lol, look at me writing poetry.
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2011-01-27 10:00 pm
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Links for you and me

Nothing much this time except this is AWESOME
Explained fandom and shipping and the like to a friend who has no idea of-  anything fandom related really. Linked that, problems solved.
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2011-01-26 02:14 am
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Since it's 2 o'clock in the morning...

Listening exam tomorrow and I decide that going through the f!s friending meme ist the bestest (sic) idea ever. Sounds like me? Yep.
Nah, if I get even one new friend tonight, it's all worth it. School is over in a few silly days anyway.

Which leads to the next topic - I've been neglecting my poor lj since Nano. I never squeed about Christmas. Never posted photos of my naked snow-lady. Never even mentioned the awsomeness that is AC: Brotherhood. Or KH re:Coded. Or Wow. Or Locoroco that shouldn't have stolen two weeks from me with it's silly grafics and annoyingly happy soundtrack.

And memo to self, time to put a rec-list together. Or start using delicious.

I'll come back to all of that when it's not 2.10 in the morning.
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2010-11-17 12:02 am

Theories: Akuroku

An urge to write an overly long meta-texty essay about a pairing hit me and I decided that there wasn't anything better to do... and so I let my muse run wild. May I present, my rambling thoughts on Axel, Roxas and shipping those two together?

Written purely for fun. Do not forget your sense of humour.

Since KH is a fandom where the canon material is known for its clarity and minor details may suddenly be declared important, a disclaimer: These are my opinions, YMMV, and are based on what has been learned in the games up to BBS excluding Coded which I haven't played which turned out to be unhelpfull. This essay is SPOILERY for all the games.


Axel and his motivation )Hearts )


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2010-11-01 12:40 am
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This is


Winner! )
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2010-10-25 08:07 pm

Squee: part 1

This post is rated T for happy thoughts, crushes and occasional insanity.

Today has been happy surprises after another. Glimpses - a short stories collection by Lynn Flewelling arrived today in mail and well, I GOT A DRAWING OF MINE IN IT. (I knew there would be - that piece of info was published ages ago, but it didn't feel that real before today) There it was, sitting on a page, looking pretty and professional and real. I read the book so very quickly and it was all about awws and oohs. Pretty little thing. Gah, I can't really believe it that me, silly little me that gave up on art few years ago just to pick the pencil up half a year ago and the first thing I do is to draw a picture, get it printed in a book by Lynn "this is just too cute" Flewelling. I don't think I thanked her loudly enough. Hardly got my words resemble words in the mail I sent to her... Glimpses is now waiting me on my pillow so I can stare it a while before it's time to go to sleep. This can't be real.

Got a beta. That's it. If you read this, dear beta, know you're appreciated. Finally Every Day Play can get finished. It's been waiting since the summer and the first snow is expected before the end of the month - Winter is coming D:

I really got a crush on X, the main character I gushed about in my latest post. She's haunting my drawings: four pictures of her exist already and she's been "alive" for a week. Just have to get her a love interest- Okay, I'm not really that sure there's going to be any romance in Nano -10. It looks like there's going to be a junkie getting her fix than any real love, but it'll be fun to write anyway.