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This is shameless marketing. I write a fic. It's called Every Day Play. It starts slow, it continues rather slow, and it's kinda cute and kinda funny when you get into it. Simply put: I and my cowriter (Lovely Nepece) wanted to take the tropes we like and slowly boil them together. The keywords here are slice of life, character study, intricate (slow moving) plot and carefully built relationship. Expect no 'love at first sight' here.

If you're picky about fandom and characters (like the most of us are) its Kingdom Hearts, Axel and Roxas, and rated T (because anyting rated higher will have to appear here. If I'll ever write something. I might be tempted, you never know) and AU (funnier if you know canon, but canon knowledge not necessary)
Now to the real content. I have been proofreading EDP tonight, and yesterday, and even the day after that. It's a work of love, and horrifyingly enough, soon five years old. That said, I'm glad that it's almost over now. Right now we're at chapter 18 out of 21. Every single chapter has been written, there is an ending, and I am just applying finishing touches. Or... Well... these finishing touches have now taken over three years. The fic has not been the priority all the time, so to say.

I'm feeling a bit sad. Yesterday, I wrote a new scene to make on point clearer and that was the first time in four years I've written anythinh new. Now I want to write more in this universe, but I can't. Not really. The story has been told, and finished with a nice bow by chapter 21. That feels kinda awesome, and so very sad.

This is my first fic. I came into fic writing from original fiction. Travelled a road less taken. I haven't put writing original stuff aside for a moment, could never do that, but there's something magical to fic. I guess it's the community and the fact that you know you will find readers (if you write for a popular ship which I do). It's not like I'm swimming in praise, but the few words here and there are nice. Really nice.
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