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It's been a while since I last posted. And it's been even longer since I've posted something fandom related.

I feel almost guilty admitting this, but I absolutely adore The Vampire Chronicles. I've been in love for long time - they were the books that forced (among many other fannish things) me to learn english. Oh yeah. There are better places to learn one's english from (vocabulary they teach is somewhat.. flowery), but nothing's going to take the awesomeness that Anne Rice was for 12-13 year old me away.

It's been years since I last read the books, and I wasn't sure if the magic was still there. It was. All the time spent in fandom and learning to look for subtext and just knowing a lot more about history and the world has just made them better. I was grinning like crazy through The Interview with the Vampire and can hardly keep my face straight while reading The Vampire Lestat. Oh the (sub)text! Oh the nostalgia! All the tiny details that I've missed before, all the pretty words that I didn't understand before... There's so much that makes me happy about rereading the books that just listing it all isn't possible.

...And then there's Anne Rice.  I really don't feel like trying to make sense to the mess that is her relationship to the catholic church. I'm sad that her writing changed. I somewhat like the chronicles all the way to the crossovers with Mayfair Witches, but they do get preachy at times. Doesn't change the fact that many of the vampire characters that she created are interesting and stay interesting even in overly religious settings (Memnoch, anyone?). I'm not a religious person, left the chruch after turning 18, but everyone is free to make their own choices, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else. But talking religion wasn't the point of this post. (It's nothing I'm overly confident about - I'm not that good with words and I don't like blundering through sensitive topics) I meant to just skip through this all this, but rambling.

Lack of fandom makes me sad. I know that there has been an alive and well fandom, but Anne Rice's fear of fanfiction forced it to scatter and go underground. I'm enough internet savvy to find fic and people, but it still saddens me. Multiple books with ample of slashable characters, angst in buckets. This could've been the fandom where history freak like me could integrate a story and love for a period of time with ease (and without an AU setting). I know that there's Assansins Creed, and I love the games, but they don't plotbunny me like VC do.

Sigh. I don't know if I really want fanfiction, but damn do I want to go "see,see, he's so totally in love with him!" so many times with every book. Half of it is canon - no matter what word of god says. The movie isn't nearly as bad and the movie is bad with ho yay! Really, movie, almost kiss looking like this?

I want to talk about how sad Marius' story is, how adorable (and creepy) Amadeo/Marius was, how Louis should've more time in the spotlight, how interesting Pandora really is, how even Lestat has his moments (and how hard he hits my unhealthy-ship-kink)... I want to have someone to share my love with the feverish passages that Rice uses to describe New Orleans, Paris, every damn place the books ever visit. I want to write about pre-industrial-era world and pretty/angsty/miserable vampires wandering around being miserable and monsters. I want a big fandom.

But thanks to the recent boom in vampire-fiction (and no, I don't think it's only Twilight's fault that vampires are no longer scary monsters, Rice is also to be blaimed, but Rice did it better) I don't feel all that confident saying this aloud. And I guess there's the fear that no, the quality of the fic won't be what I dream of. My recent fandom (Sherlcok BBC) has utterly spoiled me, I know.
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