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I've been meaning to write something thoughtful for a while now. Don't really know if this counts since this is a strange hybrid of a reclist and analysis and rambling (and it's 3 am - again), but this topic seemed like a good idea since I've got something to say for a change.

Podfics, and why I'm in love.

I'm not quite sure when audiobooks suddenly were the in-thing - three, four years ago? Anyway, I never got the hype. I've actually listened to only one what one could call a "proper audiobook" and it left a somewhat bad taste. The reader... wasn't very good. Out of the hundreds of accents he could pull off 90% were just annoying. (It was a swedish version of the Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy if anyone is interested)

Podfics are a different story. Someone recced a fic (it's now little over a year ago) and had put the link to the podfic version next to the rec. I was curious enough to click. I'd heard talk about podfics, audiofics, but hadn't actually crossed paths with one. KH-fandom, where I'd spent the last two years, really isn't all that into to them, it seems. The rec was for my old (and again current) love, Harry Potter.

I was lucky, the rec lead me to a fic that happened to be Reparations by Sara's girl, which is a lovely H/D with awesome UST, and was read by the equally amazing 6shotamericano . The fic is very, very lenghty and I was so very, very spoiled by it. It's around 10 hours if I remember correctly and I listened it through In two sessions - stopped for a brief nap there in between. The sequal to Reparations, Foundations is 27 hours, and I still haven't finnished listening to it. It isn't as brilliant as the first one, but if H/D smut is your thing, and you are not afraid of babyfic...

After Reparations I took a little break from podfics - I seem to repeat a pattern of listening for a week or two and then having a months pause before starting to hunt for new podfic - but after starting to hunt for something fresh again I found a pile of awesomeness: Stealing Harry by Copparbadge/Sam Storyteller (read by revolutionaryjo) is Remus/Sirius at it best, Reparo (H/D again) I keep listening again and again and it sparked my need for friendship!Harry&Draco and, just as an example, The If Sieve is one of my new finds and what -if done very beautifully (and it's very close to friendship!Harry & Draco and makes me happy).

The recs are somewhat potter heavy, but I still haven't found any KH-podfics, and I'm just listening my first Torchwood one and can't really say if it's good enough for a rec (it sounds very promising, what with surprise!mpreg that really isn't my thing [usually] ). I've listened to one Inception-podfic, but... that's it. Everything else has been potter-related.

Which leads to my next observation: Podfics attract podfics. Some fandoms are podfic heavy (I find Potter to be, I've seen people claim it isn't. I've also heard rumours that podfic-lovers should like Merlin and Supernatural.) and most have none. It isn't a mystery why. It's always hard to be the first one (one of the first) to introduce podfic to one's corner of the fandom, "podfic culture" isn't all that widespread and podficing is huge work too - 1 hour podfic is 3 hours of work, or in my case double that.

Aaand, yeah, I've tried podficcing. I'm not sure if I'll ever let anyone listen to my recordings - ESL after all with funny accent - but it's fun and has done miracles for my pronunciation (which wasn't as bad as I feared it to be - to my ear that is. Still going to use Forvo like crazy though) I've learned to speak more slowly and articulate, and have learned how seldom it's nice and quiet.

And to answer the question of the title: I'm in love because very few things are better than closing one's eyes, curling under warm blankets and listening to a podfic until one gets drowsy  - and then falling asleep (with the podfic naturally turned off and bookmarked for continuing later). Travelling from place a to place b is also more enjoyable with some potterpron qualityfic induced grinning.

Sorry about the typos - I'll be proofreading this in the morning.


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