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I've recently had a craving for genderbended fic - especially featuring one pictured above. Why? Not a clue. The idea of Axel as a female has intrigued me ever since I ended up writing a genderbended version of him to EDP, but why that happened - I don't remember anymore. It's not because of the hips. That much I'm certain of.

Anyway, I don't care with whom - het, femmeslash, gen - but I'd really want to find some good fic and fanart. The thing is, I have no freaking idea where to start. I used half an hour to sketch that thing above just because I didn't know where to go searching for a pic (google-fu was as far as I dared). I fear that I won't find anything as magnificent as I want D: Always-female is fine, magic, I'm not really that picky about how. What I don't need is "lol boobies :DDDDDD", but even it might be fine. I don't know. I prefer some depth to the thing. Everything besides crappy art is fine when it comes to fanart - I want something hawt to look at :}

Is there somebody out there who'd point me to the right  direction?

I know, draw/write it yourself and cry moar. I promise to clean the sketch up. It was too much fun to draw to be left like that. Lol. I'm really good at making people look genderless. I swear I tried to go female with this one.

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