Oct. 25th, 2010

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This post is rated T for happy thoughts, crushes and occasional insanity.

Today has been happy surprises after another. Glimpses - a short stories collection by Lynn Flewelling arrived today in mail and well, I GOT A DRAWING OF MINE IN IT. (I knew there would be - that piece of info was published ages ago, but it didn't feel that real before today) There it was, sitting on a page, looking pretty and professional and real. I read the book so very quickly and it was all about awws and oohs. Pretty little thing. Gah, I can't really believe it that me, silly little me that gave up on art few years ago just to pick the pencil up half a year ago and the first thing I do is to draw a picture, get it printed in a book by Lynn "this is just too cute" Flewelling. I don't think I thanked her loudly enough. Hardly got my words resemble words in the mail I sent to her... Glimpses is now waiting me on my pillow so I can stare it a while before it's time to go to sleep. This can't be real.

Got a beta. That's it. If you read this, dear beta, know you're appreciated. Finally Every Day Play can get finished. It's been waiting since the summer and the first snow is expected before the end of the month - Winter is coming D:

I really got a crush on X, the main character I gushed about in my latest post. She's haunting my drawings: four pictures of her exist already and she's been "alive" for a week. Just have to get her a love interest- Okay, I'm not really that sure there's going to be any romance in Nano -10. It looks like there's going to be a junkie getting her fix than any real love, but it'll be fun to write anyway.


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